As part of the Society’s brand launch and efforts to reach wider audiences, we are running four full-page advertisements/articles in The Brunswick News this fall. The first article appeared on September 11, and the remaining three will be published on October 9, November 13, and December 11. The goal of the articles is to introduce CGHS to the community with refreshed branding and an updated mission statement and to provide opportunities for Glynn County residents to interact with us through memorable experiences. We hope that these interactions will be a starting place to develop relationships. Each article will feature, in story form, an important aspect of the Society along with an opportunity for Glynn County residents to attend, visit, or explore our programs, services, or museums.

The October 9 article entitled “Building Brunswick’s Liberty Ships: African Americans and the J.A. Jones Shipyard” is available for viewing here:

The September 11 article entitled “Spanning the Marshes of Glynn: A Road to the Future” is available for viewing here: 

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